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courtesy of Donkey Hotey, Flickr (cc)

courtesy of Donkey Hotey, Flickr (cc)

Washington Examiner by Jenna Lifhits

Hillary Clinton is doubting the extent of her predicted win over Bernie Sanders in New York, MSNBC contributor John Heilemann said Friday on Morning Joe.

Heilemann said Clinton does not “have a lock” on New York, even though she lives in the state and served as New York senator for eight years.

“I do not think she [has a lock on New York] and I don’t believe the Clinton campaign thinks she does,” he said.

He said that while Clinton has high odds of winning constituencies in Manhattan, Sanders has appeal in the rest of the state […]



One the one hand, some of the younger New Yorkers do hold a favorable view of Bernie Sanders but like the rest of the useful idiots they are ignorant when it comes to Communism and the effect it would have on their lives.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that Sanders will not live through the presidency, if elected. For the record, Sanders is 74 and Hillary Clinton, 68. If elected, Hillary would enter the White House at the age of 69.

Many of the latter lean toward Hillary for some stupid reason of which, they remain clueless.