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Washington Free Beacon by Jenna Lifhits

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Fidel Castro denounced President Obama’s attempt to restore relations with Cuba in a 1,500-word letter Sunday, a week after the president’s historic visit to the country.

“We don’t need the empire to give us any presents,” Castro said in the piece, which was published in the Cuban Communist Party’s official newspaper and titled “El hermano Obama” or “Brother Obama.” He wrote that Cubans are self-sufficient and “able to produce food and material wealth we need with the effort and intelligence of our people.”

The letter outlined Cuban history, including Spanish colonialism and Cuba’s role in defeating apartheid in South Africa, and emphasized America’s habitual aggression toward Cuba…

He rejected Obama’s claims that America and Cuba were “built in part by slaves…from America” and that Americans and Cubans “can trace their heritage to both slaves and slave-owners.”

“Native populations do not exist at all in Obama’s mind,” Castro wrote and poked at Obama’s youth. “Nor does he say that racial discrimination was swept away by the Revolution; that retirement and salary of all Cubans were declared by this before Mr. Barack Obama turned ten years old”[…]

Translation: “Know your place, you weak disillusioned man, Cuba’s jails are full of brown-skinned negros that look like you. Lastly, MYOB.”

Barack Obama has been hearing that last part to say out of other country’s politics quite a bit lately.

If Obama thought for a moment, that Cuba would bend over and kiss up….WRONG. Nor will his visit reset Cuba-American relations.