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For months, Donald Trump has called out American companies moving across the U.S.-Mexico border and taking American jobs with him.

ford motor company


One of those companies is Ford Motor Company. Trump’s response to Ford’s betrayal of Americans was to, if elected impose a 35% tax on any vehicle manufactured in Mexico.

Like everything else, pundits and the mainstream media attacked Trump for his platform and as with everything else, Trump yet again proven right.

Ford has walked back its plans to open a plant in Mexico announcing that it will remain in the United States.

Conservative Tribune

…In an interview with CNBC, Ford CEO Mark Fields said that the automaker would be “here to stay.” He also said he had outlined his company’s plans in a letter to Trump.

While he didn’t offer specifics about whether Ford would be rolling back it’s $2.5 billion expansion of the company’s operations in Mexico, it was clear that Fields was committed to addressing Trump’s complaints directly.

“Ford Motor Co. is here to stay in the United States,” Fields said.

“We’re very proud as a company of what we do in terms of contributing to economic development here in the U.S.,” he added….

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You can view CNBC’s interview with Ford’s CEO here.
H/t Bob Trent.