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A Mexican drug cartel retaliated after a Coca Cola distribution company located in Guerrero, Mexico refused to pay a $1 million tribute as demanded by the cartel.

Screenshot delivery trucks of American businesses in Mexico set ablaze by cartels 347 x 245

The cartel began its war against Coca Cola by setting its delivery trucks ablaze.  They then stepped up the violence to the point that Coca Cola had no choice but to close its Guerrero location and move its distribution center elsewhere.

No big deal.  The drug cartel then turned its attention to Pepsi.  Pay up or else.

Shoebat.com  by Theodore Shoebat

This story signifies just how powerful the narco state of Mexico is becoming, even to the point of driving out major American industries. To learn more about this story, and the political significance behind it, I spoke with Jorge Vazquez Valencia, the spokesperson for the Autodefensas, a self-defense group that has been fighting the cartel with arms and valor:


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If you’re wondering what the heck is the Mexican government doing to protect American companies who relocated to Mexico, the corrupt Mexican government could care less in a redistribution of wealth kind of way.

How many other American companies are paying the $1 million tribute to Mexican drug cartels?

American companies find themselves with hard choices.  Either pay endless “tributes” to Mexican drug cartels or return or stay in America.  Give those jobs to Americans.

Finally, I am sending this post to Donald Trump who yet is again ahead of the curve.