The Blaze by Carly Hoilman

Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Drag Woman From Boyfriend to Rape Her — Then the Boyfriend Took Them All On
A Massachusetts man and his girlfriend are happy to be alive after allegedly being ambushed by a group of four illegal immigrants during an evening walk last week.

The incident reportedly began after a man approached the couple and offered them beer. Moments later, three more men showed up and it became clear that they were in immediate danger.

One of the men reportedly took out a condom and gestured at the woman as another allegedly grabbed her by the hood of her sweatshirt and began dragging her away, while the largest man out of the group detained her boyfriend, according to police.

The woman was allegedly raped while her boyfriend was beaten and threatened with death[…]

Yet Donald Trump and everyone else who speaks up are racist for calling illegal alien thugs and rapists out.