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City Journal by Matthew Hennessey

Photo by Dave Mathis, Flickr (cc)

Photo by Dave Mathis, Flickr (cc)

One of the progressive Left’s most successful tactics has been to frame reasonable objection to radical social policy as evidence of an evil mind and a bigoted heart. Anyone who objects—even a little—to the Left’s social agenda is labeled a bigot and a hater. That this strategy has largely succeeded is a testament to both changing mores and the power of public shame….

With the gay-marriage debate now settled, courtesy of a 5-4 Supreme Court vote, progressive legislators have turned their attention to transgender rights. The fight is mostly focused on defeating the passage of so-called “bathroom bills” requiring people who identify as transgendered to use public restrooms—including in schools—that match their sex at birth. Earlier this month, South Dakota’s Republican governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed such a bill. Tennessee’s legislature is currently considering one[…]