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The Gateway Pundit by Jim Hoft

The Trump-bashers are starting up a list of conservative supporters of Donald Trump — so that they can blackball these Trump supporters.

The list was initiated by Cruz supporter Amanda Carpenter who is usually kind and intelligent but now suffers from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Amanda Carpenter tweet compiling list of trump supporters to blackball

Here Amanda – we’ve started this list of nasty Trump supporters to help you out:

– Governor Sarah Palin (former)
– Governor Chris Christie
– Governor Paul LePage
– Governor Rick Scott
– Governor Jan Brewer (former)
– Phyllis Schlafly
– Ann Coulter
– Willie Robinson
– Senator Jeff Sessions…
– Rep. Tom Reed of New York
– Breitbart.com
– Matt Drudge….


What are the odds that Cruzbots are really die-hard Progressives on the down low “hell bent” on starting a civil war within the Republican Party? Trust me. I am biting my tongue on this one.