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While the de Blasio administration is at fault, correction leads the pack in government abuse, the problem of city workers raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime, the tab of which is picked up by the taxpayer has existed for decades (likely longer) with previous administrations.

New York Post

The city’s overtime king has been demoted as part of an ongoing probe into alleged pay abuses at the Department of Transportation.

David Russell, who pulled in $259,705 last year on a base salary of $82,076 working as a supervisor of highway repairers, was demoted to highway repairer, according to the DOT….

Russell’s base salary was increased recently to $92,457 under a new union contract…..


Russell’s “overtime irregularities” are under investigation by an administration that claims it no longer has faith in this individual “working in a supervisory role,” Boss Tweed lives on.

No shame to their gain in particular since this individual is a highway repairer and for some reason, NYC highways and streets continue to look the same. Road repairs in NYC under Bill de Blasio may prove to be the City’s biggest fraud since the Dinkins administration. Same scam different decade.