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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

robert lavoy finicum

I am very supportive of law enforcement but in this case…

While you may or may not be a supporter of taking over buildings to get attention to your cause, you will be shocked by what you see in this video of the killing of one of the Oregon protesters. Whether you agree with the methods or not, many believe their cause is just. You can read more here.

The Oregon protest at the Malheur Refuge ended for the most part when the FBI chased down the protesters as they left to go to a meeting. State police troopers killed protester LaVoy Finicum but the circumstances surrounding his death were not as they were told to us at first.

Investigators have announced that they believe an FBI agent fired twice at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, missed and then concealed the shots.

We now know that LaVoy Finicum stepped out of his truck at the same moment a bullet pierced the roof of his truck and then the truck window through which LaVoy is seen. Two shots were fired.

The following video is from Shawna Cox’s cell phone, enlarged and in slow motion….

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