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Last evening (Friday), I received an email from TedCruz2016, subject: “(Attached) Your Trump University Diploma!”

The email attacked Donald Trump for opting out of CPAC, accused Trump of deceiving American workers and seizing upon the moment offered up fake diplomas from Trump University created by the Cruz campaign to anyone upon signing a non-existent anti-Trump petition.

Check out the email below:

Non-existent and deceptive —

Rather than taking you to the anti-Trump petition referenced above (no such petition exists), after clicking on any part of the fake diploma or hyperlink in the last paragraph of the email, one finds oneself at TedCruz2016 on a page requesting name, zip code and email address after which one clicks the link, “JOIN THE FIGHT.”

One then finds oneself on a page with the promised FAKE Trump University diploma. See screenshots below:


Ted Cruz Fake Trump University Diplomas COMPRESSED Ted Cruz Fake Trump University Diplomas 002 Arrows CROPPED COMPRESSED


Note: the sales pitch at the top of the page advertising Trump University t-shirts with the statement “Enter Code: GOP Debate.”

Clicking on that link will land you on a page selling t-shirts for $25.00.

Just for the heck of it, I went through the motions of placing a t-shirt in the cart, then on to checkout where I entered the code, “GOP Debate” as specified. The response to my entry was, OFFER EXPIRED, which is pretty much like my support for Ted Cruz.

The more that I hear from Ted Cruz, the more I realize that he is not the candidate that he claims to be.

I do not care for snake and oil salesmen or the fact that I have unsubscribed repeatedly over the past three months as a result of being inundated with emails and text messages day and night from the Cruz camp, their SuperPacs et al but the emails keep coming.