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Astroturf, Black Lives Mattor, i.e., Soros puppets attempted to crash a Donald Trump rally in New Orleans the other night. It’s not the first attempt to create chaos by Marxist extremists and you can bet it won’t be the last.

The Gateway Pundit by Kristinn Taylor

“Bad vibes.” “Scary.” “Tense.” “Physical.” “New level of menace.” “Vicious.”

Those are the words used by reporters who covered the New Orleans campaign rally by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Friday evening to describe the leftist anti-Trump protesters who disrupted the rally and the reactions of fed-up Trump supporters.

There was even a report that Trump’s campaign manger was personally escorting protesters out of the rally.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter


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No doubt, the GOP establishment condones the actions of these extremists. Anything to make Donald Trump’s life and that of his supporters a living hell.

You can bet the press loved every moment.