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Marco Rubio stated Thursday night that during the Fox News GOP Debate that Trump University received a ”D-” rating from the Better Business Bureau, to which the Fox News moderators agreed (of course, they would).

However, during the break, Donald Trump presented moderators with evidence to the contrary and although there was plenty of opportunity to set the record straight, the moderators did not. H/t Bob Trent.

Fox Gives Moderators Proof on Trump University Screen-Shot-2016-03-04-at-10_17_19-AM

Fox Gives Moderators Proof on Trump University Screen-Shot-2016-03-04-at-10_17_19-AM

During Commercial Break, Audience Noticed Trump Handing THIS to Debate Moderator!

Political Insider By Kosar

During last night’s heated Fox News Republican primary debate, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) attacked conservative businessman Donald Trump about Trump University, which taught subscribers how to succeed in the difficult real estate industry.

Fox News moderators agreed with Rubio that Trump University received a “D-” from the Better Business Bureau. Then, at a commerical break, Trump handed a paper to Here is a copy of the paper, which shows Trump University really had an “A” rating:


Trump University A rating from Better Business Bureau COMPRESSED
Evidence as tweeted out by Donald Trump:

Even with proof in hand, neither the moderators nor Marco Rubio retracted their statements. Nor did they mention that the D- Minus rating issued for the year 2010 was later upgraded.

The mainstream media intentionally set out to deceive when one day before the GOP debate they falsely reported that Fox News was no longer in bed with gangsta’ Marco Rubio who by the way is the real con man.

One, therefore, cannot blame Donald Trump for canceling his appearance at CPAC when the deck is padded and stacked mile high against the candidate.

Doubling down on the deception is an email I received late Friday from TedCruz.org offering me a fake Trump University diplomas created by the Cruz campaign provided I “Sign the petition to stand against Donald’s money-grab and get your personal diploma from “Trump University.”

The attacks on Donald Trump which has been relentless confirms our suspicions that Little Marco Rubio, aka REAL con man/Gangsta’ and Lyin’ Ted Cruz are in bed with the establishment.