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Someone is REALLY dying for relevancy.

Fox News Insider

Mitt Romney said on “The Today Show” this morning that the Republican presidential campaign has sunk to “a new low,” pledging to do whatever he can to stop current front-runner Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee.

“There’s no question I’m going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure we don’t nominate Donald Trump,” Romney told Matt Lauer hours after the Fox News GOP debate concluded….

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From NBC to Fox News:

Then on to Fox Business – Neil Cavuto: Your World

Fox News Insider: Romney Vows He Will Never Support ‘Degrading, Disruptive, Unhinged’ Trump –

Mitt Romney explained to Neil Cavuto today that he’s attacking Donald Trump because he just can’t sit back and watch the Republican presidential front-runner’s “outrageous” behavior any longer.

“I don’t think a lot of people understand who the real Donald Trump is,” Romney said.

He pointed out that Trump has given money to Democratic politicians many times over the years, in addition to the fact that his business record isn’t as pristine as the billionaire often claims.

He added that Trump’s personal attacks and vulgarities are very un-presidential….


Well, there you have it.  If Romney were HALF as tough on Barack Obama as he is on Donald Trump, he would have won the 2012 presidential election.

One final note, the GOP establishment REALLY hates that phrase.