One of those moments, when one asks, “Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?”

Canada Free Press by Robert Laurie

BeFunky_null_1 John Koskinen

You know John Koskinen as the IRS chief who has, repeatedly, been forced to appear before Congress and defend his agency against claims that its agents targeted conservative groups. Koskinen has been caught, over and over again, lying, obfuscating, stalling, and generally stonewalling the investigation into the “service” he oversees. Out here in the real world, that lands you in jail or, at the very least, the unemployment line. In Washington D.C…..

Well, in Washington D.C. you’re given a major award to honor you for your outstanding commitment to public service.

Both William Ruckelshaus and John Koskinen on Tuesday night were awarded the Elliot L. Richardson Prize for Excellence in Public Service by the National Academy of Public Administration, and both weighed in on the perils of public service in today’s hyperpartisan climate….

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Something else for we, the people, to be outraged about.