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Washington Times by Stephen Dinan

The State Department may wait until after the November election to finish its review of classified information former Secretary Hillary Clinton sent on her secret email account, a spokesman said Tuesday, vowing they will not be held to the political calendar.

“We’re not going to rush judgment of any of these things,” spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

Mrs. Clinton, who rejected use of an account tied to the official state.gov secure email system and instead relied on an account tied to a server she kept…

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Of course, the GOP establishment will stomp their feet with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio participating in the feigned outrage, the fix is in.

The Progressive establishment of both parties will push this investigation back until after the November elections as they launch Hillary Clinton toward the White House.

Should Clinton prevail, the investigation will be swept under the rug.


The Republican Party has sold their souls and our future along with it….just to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.