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prince william county virginia police officer ashley guidon age 29 killed in the line of duty and cruiser

Prince William County Virginia Officer Ashley Guindon shot and killed in the line duty while responding to a domestic related altercation.

Prince William County Twenty-nine year old, Officer Ashley Guindon, who was sworn in on Friday, was shot and killed in the line of duty her first shift and Saturday after Guindon and two other officers responded to a domestic related shooting in which the wife was also killed.

Officers Jesse Hempen (left) and David McKeown were also shot.  Injuries are not life threatening.

Officers Jesse Hempen (left) and David McKeown were also shot. Injuries are not life threatening.

Two other officers, Jesse HEMPEN, age 31, an 8.5 year veteran and David MCKEOWN, age 33, a 10 year veteran of the police department were wounded sustaining non-life threatening injuries.


The suspect, 32-year-old Ronald Hamilton, is an active duty Army staff sergeant assigned to the Joint Staff Support Center at the Pentagon. He is being held without bond and facing capital murder, first-degree murder and other gun charges. Police say Hamilton could face the death penalty. …

As the officers approached the home in the 13000 block of Lashmere Court, Hamilton opened fire, wounding all three of them. Hamilton surrendered when additional officers arrived. 

Guindon died later Saturday and the two wounded officers, Guindon’s field training officer, David McKeown, 33, and Jesse Hempen, 31, received non-life threatening injuries. They are being treated at Fairfax Hospital….

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Crystal Hamilton (l) deceased; Ronald Hamilton (r) cop killer and wife killer may face the death penalty.

Crystal Hamilton (l); Ronald Hamilton (r) cop killer and wife killer may face the death penalty.

Crystal Hamilton, the shooter’s wife, was found dead inside the home along with Hamilton’s eleven year old son who was uninjured.

Line of Duty Death of Officer Ashley Guindon – Special Release

The Prince William County Police Department is in deep mourning over the loss of Officer Ashley Guindon. Our sincere condolences go out to Ashley’s family and friends, as well as, our fellow officers and department staff. We are asking for thoughts and prayers as we monitor the conditions of the two officers who remain hospitalized. We greatly appreciate the overwhelming support we have received from our Prince William County community and from those across the nation and world. We continue to ask for that support as we move forward with making final arrangements to honor Ashley’s sacrifice.

On February 27 at 5:37PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 15000 block of Lashmere Ct in Woodbridge (22192) for an initial report of a domestic altercation. When officers arrived on scene, they approached the front door of the home and were confronted by a suspect, later identified as the accused. The accused was armed with a firearm and opened fire, striking three county police officers who sustained critical wounds. Additional officers arrived at the residence and the accused surrendered to police without further incident. Officers also provided life-saving first aid to the wounded officers until Fire & Rescue crews could get on scene. All three officers were flown to Fairfax INOVA Hospital where one of the officers, identified as Officer Ashley Guindon, died as a result of her injuries. After securing the suspect, officers conducted a search of the home and located an adult woman inside deceased from gunshot related injuries. An 11-year old boy was also inside the residence at the time of the incident and fled the home at some point during the encounter. The child was not injured and will be released to the custody of other family members. The investigation revealed that the accused and his wife were involved in a verbal altercation which escalated physically. The wife was able to contact police; however, before officers could arrive, she was allegedly shot and killed by the accused. The remaining two officers shot during the encounter remain hospitalized at this time. Following the investigation, the accused was arrested and charged….





In the meantime, Hillary Clinton who is courting the Black vote by touting racism and police shootings of Blacks is nowhere to be seen or heard of when it comes to Black on Black violence, domestic violence, violent acts committed against women all of which results in the death of Blacks.

Neither has Clinton commented on the shooting of three police officers in which one died at the hands of a Black man who just shot and killed his wife.

Source:  Prince William County Virginia Police Department