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“Shehid Jîn” battalion of mothers in Kobane, Syria. Photo: HAWAR News/teleSUR

Those bureaucrats working feverishly to deprive us of our second amendment liberties have armed security forces to protect  them and their loved ones as do Hollywood celebrities pushing the same meme.

For those who do not have armed security, are willing to part with their firearms and/or deprive others of theirs:


How much do you value your life?

Modern America has a strong pacifist streak that originated among some of our Christian denominations and spread to non-religious people, most notably during the 1960s.  It is now associated with the liberal side of the political spectrum and with those who support strict gun control.

It is easy to find people who say they would never use potentially lethal force against another person, even to save their own lives from a criminal assault.  Under this principle, the life of a violent sociopath is more valuable than theirs.  Each person has the right to place a value on their own life, so it may seem difficult to argue against this way of thinking.  But let’s pose some serious questions and see where this line of reasoning takes us.

Do you have an obligation to your loved ones?

If you won’t save your own life by using lethal force, what about your spouse, children or co-workers?   If you allow yourself to be killed by a violent attacker, what…

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