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Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue

An Article on Personal Behavioral Tracking You Wish was from The Onion. Employees are *Nudged* to Acceptable Behavior.


Will tracking of workers’ office behaviors in a Canadian consulting firm be coming to your workplace? From How new data-collection technology might change office culture:

“Imagine a tiny microphone embedded in the ID badge dangling from the lanyard around your neck.

The mic is gauging the tone of your voice and how frequently you are contributing in meetings. Hidden accelerometers measure your body language and track how often you push away from your desk.

At the end of each day, the badge will have collected roughly four gigabytes worth of data about your office behaviour.

Think this is far-fetched? Well, last winter employees at the consulting firm Deloitte in St. John’s used these very badges, which are being touted as the next frontier in office innovation.”

What is the reason for this data tracking?

“The information from the badges, which were created by the Boston-based company Humanyze, was gathered anonymously, and workers were given personalized dashboards that benchmarked their performance against that of the group.

“The minute that you get the report that you’re not speaking enough and that you don’t show leadership, immediately, the next day, you change your behaviour,” says Silvia Gonzalez-Zamora, an analytics leader at Deloitte, who steered the Newfoundland pilot.

“It’s powerful to see how people want to display better behaviours or the behaviours that you’re moving them towards.”

Cass Sunstein and The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary must be proud that adults and not just children are being nudged to become the leaders businesses require[…]