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BEFUNKY Sanders New Hampshire 2015 by M Vadon Clinton CSIS Conference 2011 in Brazil_Fotor_Collage


Food for thought in this early election season.  There is much at stake.

Sons of Liberty Media by Erik Rush

Now that the Iowa caucuses are behind us, I suspect that we can count on this election season to become even more hyperbolic all the way around. I am basing this on the trends I’ve seen to date, with the increasingly bizarre deportment of all concerned. Conservative voters and pragmatists are aware that the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, taking into account the incomprehensible damage that has been done to this nation by the current administration.

Meanwhile, the election cycle is showcasing two of the most dangerous leftists the Democratic Party could conjure up as presidential hopefuls: the larcenous, ambulating obscenity Hillary Clinton – who is probably more personally evil than anyone in the Obama cabal – and the geriatric Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders , whom the conservative press references as a socialist, though his political views are more closely aligned with communism….


Source original photos:
Bernie Sanders, courtesy of Michael Vadon, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0
Hillary Clinton, CSIS Conference 2011-Brazil, Flickr, public domain