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gay wedding cake


The Libertarian Republic by Casey Harper

A gay rights activist announced he has swapped sides on the same-sex wedding services debate, saying he supports same-sex marriage but doesn’t believe Christians should be forced to write messages they disagree with.

Peter Tatchell’s article centers around Ashers Bakery, a United Kingdom bakery whose owner refused to make a cake with a pro-gay message. A judge ruled last year the Belfast bakery had discriminated and fined it. The case is scheduled to go before the appellate court this week.

While admitting “It pains me to say this,” Tatchell writes in an editorial in The Guardian that the ruling sets a dangerous precedent.

This raises the question: should Muslim printers be obliged to publish cartoons of Mohammed? Or Jewish ones publish the words of a Holocaust denier? Or gay bakers accept orders for cakes with homophobic slurs? If the Ashers verdict stands[…]

How nice to wake up after the damage is done.