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Bernie Sanders Camp is accusing Hillary Clinton of flooding the Iowa caucuses with astroturf, i.e., out of state volunteers and “paid” Clinton staffers. Should we be surprised? No, not really.

The Horn News

…As first reported by Yahoo! News, the controversy started when voters from Sioux County, Iowa reportedly received a mailing from the Clinton campaign asking them to caucus for her this evening.

But the mailing contained one piece of information that set off alarms among Iowa Democrats and long-time followers of the caucuses.

It named a paid, out-of-state Clinton staffer as the precinct captain — a move that the Sanders campaign has described as “highly irregular” and that could easily lead to abuse….

The fact that Clinton is using staff to fill caucus roles — something that is simply not done in tradition-rich Iowa — has led to fears that she intends to flood the local caucuses with people on the campaign payroll[…]

Lying, stealing, blaming others and cheating. It is sooooooooo superlatively Clintonesque.