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Downtown Brooklyn, NYC - Source:  Google Earth.

Downtown Brooklyn, NYC – Source: Google Earth.

New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio gets no credit for downtown Brooklyn, New York as it is today.  What you see in the above photograph came about because of Michael Bloomberg, building fever throughout the City.

What Commie de Blasio can take credit for is the transportation mess he has created downtown Brooklyn and throughout the City of New York with his over-regulated Vision Zero agenda.

Downtown Brooklyn has always experienced traffic jams 24/7 but that last thing any New Yorker would have imagined is that the congestion could get worse.

Enter de Blasio and Progressive bike lanes where they need not be and the over-regulation of everything that breathes or moves in the City.

Commentary Magazine by Stephen Eide

Unable to spend their way into a progressive future, Democratic mayors have turned to regulation as a panacea.

Democrats currently govern most major American cities and face no serious Republican challenges in any of them. Of the 50 largest cities in the United States, only 13 have Republican mayors. Surprisingly, while urban areas have been turning deep blue, Democratic city governments have not been increasing their spending as much as most people think. Massive debt and poor revenue growth have forced urban Democrats to find a more austere pathway to satisfying their progressive ambitions. They have found it in regulation. By legislating how businesses can conduct themselves, whom they can hire, what they must provide, and much else, Democrats in local governments are transforming the new urban progressive agenda into a regulatory agenda.
Because of this, even as these politicians tout their imposed correctives for sluggish growth and inequality, we should expect increased stagnation and growing inequality in the coming years. If Democrats continue to expand regulations, the urban economy will be even less accommodating to small businesses and entrepreneurs than it is alread. And as these economic engines stall, opportunities for the poor and immigrant classes will dry up. The liberal appetite for the imposition of local regulation, like the appetite for spending it has supplanted, will usher in a new chapter in the history of unintended policy consequences. And, once again, the worst-off among us will pay the highest price.[…]
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H/t Manhattan Institute.