Pier 14 San Francisco where Kate Steinle was killed by illegal alien


How does illegal immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (photo above) reconcile running up to Kate Steinle from the rear, putting a gun to the back of her head and shooting, killing her instantly and then later declare that the act was an accident warrant getting his case dismissed?

Such a defense does not hold water. There is no way on earth that this man’s attorney can justify requesting that the case be dismissed but shamefully enough that has never stopped anyone before.

It should not even be considered that and the fact that Constitutional rights and due process should only be for Americans and those in this country legally.

Washington Examiner by Anna Giaritelli

Five-time deported Mexican national Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and other charges for killing 32-year-old Kate Steinle July 1. The suspect’s defense attorney Matt Gonzalez has called the shooting death an accident and asked the court not to charge his client for unintentionally killing Steinle.

The judge canceled a Friday hearing and asked for more time to consider the defense’s request, according to a report […]