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Holiday Inn Carteret New Jersey EMPLOYEES WANT UNION OUT


The New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council Local 6, AFL-CIO elected to walk away this morning in a face-saving move, from the Holiday Inn in Carteret, New Jersey not giving hotel employees the opportunity to vote them out. How about that?

National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund

Carteret, NJ (January 29, 2016) – Faced with the prospect of an embarrassing election loss, The New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council Local 6 union officially walked away from the Carteret Holiday Inn. The campaign to remove the unwanted union was spearheaded by employees who received free assistance from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys throughout the legal process.

Holiday Inn employee Michelle Buniak originally submitted a union decertification petition in September 2014. The petition, which was signed by a majority of her coworkers, asked her employer to remove Local 6 from the hotel. Buniak’s employer responded by withdrawing recognition from the union, but union officials refused to leave without a fight.

Instead of acceding to the employees’ wishes, union lawyers avoided immediate eviction by filing a barrage of spurious unfair labor practice charges […]