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The Mad Jewess by TMJ and David Ben Moshe

.Neo-Conservatives: Ronald Reagan Also Skipped #IOWA Debates In 1980. Why The Angst?

Trump isn’t the first top-tier presidential candidate to skip a debate. Ronald Reagan did not attend a Republican debate ahead of the 1980 Iowa caucuses, which he lost to George H.W. Bush. Reagan went on to the win the nomination and the presidency.

Look at that video above.. Reminds me of the days of Ronald Reagan.

Another little tidbit… FOX news debate anchors actively planned zingers to escort Trump from Stage[…]

There is no low to which the Progressive establishment dogs in both parties and the mainstream media will not sink.

That being said, in spite of the so-called Donald Trump love fest that Trump has been boasting about these past few days, the man was dead on point about Fox News and their elimination games.

This whole mess stinks.