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Show this to the college student in your life and ask, "What's wrong with this picture?"

Show this photograph to the college student in your life and ask, “What’s wrong with this picture?” and “What are the names of the Supreme Court Justices?”


College students thinking that Judge Judy Sheindlin aka “Judge Judy” is a Supreme Court justice is about as bad as it gets.

PJ Media by Tyler O’Neil

According to a newly released poll, 10 percent of college graduates—COLLEGE graduates—think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court. A study done by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) confirmed the trend that “recent college graduates are alarmingly ignorant of America’s history and heritage.”

Many parents accept the difficult truth of modern education—they have to make sure their kids are actually learning something, at least in elementary school, and maybe even high school. Now, they just might want to do their due diligence for college.

In addition to the surprising fact that 10 percent of college grads think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court, the ACTA study found that 40 percent didn’t know Congress has the power to declare war. Fifty-nice percent believe Thomas Jefferson […]

Remember, these are the same people who will vote for Hillary Clinton because she goes on Seth Meyers Late Night and lies about her emails, Benghazi, Bill’s dalliances and blames her failed policies on Republicans.

They are the same useful idiots who will vote for Communist loon, Bernie Sanders not because of his policies but based on the red diaper baby appearing in a music video dancing to Drake’s Hotline Bling as edited and put together by the staff of Ellen DeGeneres after Sanders danced during an appearance on her show last year.

Yeah, far too many are THAT STUPID.