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National Review editor Rich Lowry and three of twenty plus Conservatives who penned articles for “National Review Against Trump” campaign were on Thursday night’s The Kelly File on Fox.

The intent of the Conservative “intellectuals” is to convince Conservative voters that Trump does not represent Conservative values and would fold to special interests.

While many of those who boarded the National Review Against Trump campaign would deny that the effort has anything to do with the GOP establishment, an article in today’s Washington Examiner by Anna Giaritelli entitled, National Review stands athwart Trump, yells stop! points out that the campaign was born in D.C.

… Washington’s K Street and around lawmakers’ offices on Capitol Hill that an issue-sized volley against Trump would soon be announced. It would be comprised of nearly two dozen nationally renowned conservative thinkers who had come together, despite denominational differences, in opposition to a Trump White House.


Unlike many conservative movements of the past, this one did not start in the heart of the country. This one was born in Washington, D.C. by political pundits…

Political pundits, some of whom do not consider themselves puppets of the GOP establishment (at least to their base) depending on whom one asks, seems to have exposed themselves as just that.

Because of National Review’s actions, the RNC has disinvited them from partnering with NBC in the February debate.

Enter Jeb Bush who is slamming the RNC’s decision to disinvite National Review from debate.

Jeb Bush called the Republican National Committee’s decision late Thursday to split with National Review for the Feb. 25 debate “the wrong thing to do…The National Review is a cherished conservative mouthpiece,” Bush said, pointing out in a Friday morning interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that the publication has been “consistently conservative….”

National Review’s dump Trump campaign, as it turns out, was neither well received amongst many voters or those in the Conservative media. See tweets at bottom of post.

Pursuant to a post by Conservative Treehouse, National Review’s symposium touched a nerve with one voter who really let them have it.

… The nitpicking, intransigent, elitist ideologues, with a dismal history of backing professional losers have no idea the level of full blown red, white and blue whoop-ass they have just unleashed….

….but here’s a sample:


On Friday, the women on the couch of Fox News’, “Outnumbered” were equally outraged.

Ouch! The ladies are right. LET THE VOTERS DECIDE.