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Dr. Martin Luther King and the Social Injustice of Abortion

Radiance Foundation by Ryan Scott Bomberger

Today, we honor a man whose words agitated, illuminated, inspired and liberated millions. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights warrior with weapons, not of blade or bullet, but of ideas. In 2016, those ideas are spoken by many, yet followed by few. We’re a nation still obsessed with the hue of our skin (hello #BlackLivesMatter movement), while ignoring the more valuable substance that lies within. To our own detriment, we often judge a book by its glossy cover.

Martin Luther King Jr. was no different. He became enamored with the facade of Planned Parenthood and its glossy cover of family planning and the false assurance of eliminating poverty. Birth control propagandists, like Margaret Sanger, promised equality. It failed. Instead, the divide that King fought so passionately to mend became a chasm filled with communities ravaged by epidemic levels of abortion, rampant fatherlessness, births to unmarried women, exponentially high STD/HIV rates, and higher poverty rates […]


“All Lives Matter” from Radiance Foundation on Vimeo.