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Snapshots of the Bizarre Democrat Debate by S. Noble, Independent Sentinel

If you missed the Democrat debate, you missed a fun time. The RNC was handing out flyers for the movie, 13 Hours, during the debate. The questions by the moderators were very, very far left. No candidate mentioned terrorism and foreign policy had to be dragged out of them into the debate. Out of the box, they were asked what they would do their first 100 days in office and no one mentioned foreign policy or terrorism.

Bernie and Hillary brawled. Hillary raged like a mad woman and Bernie sounded like an angry old red diaper baby.

They did a lot of pandering to black people and weren’t very kind towards police.

Both Bernie and O’Malley called Hillary a liar. They got that right! Tell us something we don’t know.

Hillary was 100% in support of every single thing Obama has done.

In discussing Wall Street, Hillary said “no one is too big for jail”. She must mean herself.

“Well, there’s no daylight on the basic premise that there should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too powerful to jail. We agree on that,” Hillary said.  Yes we do[…]


Google picked up quite a bit of traffic last night from people following last night’s debate on NBC.

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While at the same time viewers sought out information on the Benghazi hearings which is bound to turn into a major cash cow for Michael Bey’s “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” and questions like “‘Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?”

MSNBC: Top Trending Google Questions About Hillary Clinton Include Her Possible Prosecution, by , Washington Free Beacon

…Daniel Sieberg, a senior marketing manager at Google, said that the most popular questions about Clinton pertain to the Benghazi scandal….The top question, according to Google Trends, was whether Clinton would be prosecuted. The second most searched question doubted whether Clinton would be nominated, and the third inquired how she broke the law.

The questions surrounding Bernie Sanders, in comparison, pertain to his popularity, success, and age.

“So for example, with Bernie Sanders, they ask things like, ‘Why is Bernie Sanders so popular?’ ‘Can Bernie Sanders win?,’ and of course, ‘How old is Bernie Sanders?” Sieberg said….

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Democrat Candidates Work To Outdo Each Other On Being Anti-2nd Amendment by William Teach, Pirate’s Cove

The Democrats held a debate Sunday night, the perfect time to make sure as few people as possible watch, a way to ensure that Hillary Clinton can continue her march to her coronation as the Democratic Party Establishment Candidate. They discussed a variety of talking points, including who is the toughest on ownership of firearms by law abiding citizens

(Yahoo News) The three Democratic presidential candidates sparred over gun control early on in their debate in Charleston, S.C., on Sunday night.

Their exchange began with questions about the shifting position of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on a bill limiting liability for gun manufacturers and sellers whose products are used in crimes. As Sanders has gained in the polls, frontrunner Hillary Clinton has attacked him on the issue….

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screenshot hillary clinton bernie sanders nbc debate 1172016

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Sunday cast herself as President Obama’s natural heir on guns, health care and the economy in the final debate before Iowa’s caucuses, but Sen. Bernard Sanders said it’s time for Democrats to push further, saying the country needs a “political revolution” to break the power of big corporations.

Mrs. Clinton accused Mr. Sanders of betraying Mr. Obama by seeking a primary opponent for him in 2012, and calling the president weak on tackling Wall Street….

Mr. Sanders denied that he’s an enemy of Mr. Obama, but embraced the charge that he wants to move beyond the president’s agenda, saying more must be done to break the power big banks and the wealthiest have over Washington.

“Can you really reform Wall Street when they are spending millions and millions of dollars on campaign contributions and when they are providing speaker fees to individuals?” he said, pointing to $200,000 he said Mrs. Clinton collected in 2013 to deliver a speech at investment giant Goldman Sachs.

“It’s easy to say I’m going to do this and do that, but I have doubts when people receive huge amounts of money from Wall Street,” he said.,…


If the reasons Progressives chose to hold the debate on Sunday night is that they thought that no one would be watching, they may be wrong. Americans on both sides of the fence are angry which means many either tuned in or tuned out. Time will tell.