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Leaders of nations across the globe are missing the point. If you have to put out a pamphlet or circular informing people from a specific culture that gang rape and punching a women and children in the head is inappropriate behavior by all standards, then there is a problem with the culture itself and the people.

Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden

The traditionally inert, neutral and quite homogeneous nation of Switzerland is not used to having cultural integration issues, which is why it has been watching recent events across the German border (and elsewhere in Europe) with sheer terror. And in order to preempt any possible outbreaks of refugee violence against women, or in general, ahead of the Lucerne carnival starting on February 4, Switzerland is getting ready.

According to Blick, the Swiss department of Health and Social Services has prepared the following cartoon flyer dubbed “Ground Rules” which will be distributed to incoming migrants with hopes it will make it clear what is and isn’t permitted. It lays out various instances of accepted behavior such as kissing and praying, while making it clear that punching women and children in the head is frowned upon in polite society.

How Switzerland Hopes To Prevent Refugee Sex Attacks: With This Cartoon


The flyer was modeled after a comparable one, created in Austria last year as part of the initial wave of mass refugee influx[…]