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screenshot ces 2016 drone


Another example of government regulating everything under the sun and then pushing forth a phony narrative to hold up its draconian regulations.

Watchdog.org by Josh Peterson

The Federal Aviation Administration has boldly declared its drone registry a success, even as hobbyists caught up in the new regulations complain that the agency broke the law to create an overly broad federal database.

Speaking to the press during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta defended the regulation requiring any drone aircraft of more than half-a-pound to be registered with the agency by Feb. 19 as “proof that government, working with private industry, can innovate, cut through red tape, and use technology to tackle emerging challenges.”

Critics have said the FAA’s drone rule is overly broad in encompassing model aircraft hobbyists who traditionally control the vehicle with a radio remote control. The new drones that the regulations ostensibly target are controlled by an onboard computer and typically used for taking photos and video. Traditional model aircraft hobbyists have been around for decades and have never before been required to register their hobby with the government.

But in boasting that 181,000 aircraft had been registered in the agency’s small-drone database, Huerta made no distinction between model airplanes and the smartphone-controlled quadcopter drones many families received under the Christmas tree this past holiday season […]

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