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Thomas Donohue, CEO of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce came out today against Donald Trump and any other candidate aka outsider candidates now being referred to by the Progressive establishment of both parties as those “loud voices,” i.e., anyone who stands for America first and demands that something be done about the nation’s growing illegal immigration problem and open borders.

Washington Examiner by Joseph Lawler

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will seek to protect the gains that Republicans made in 2014, and back “pro-growth” candidates in the 2016 elections, CEO Thomas Donahue said Thursday in a speech outlining his group’s plans.

While the business group won’t break tradition by supporting a specific presidential candidate, it will step in when needed to fight back against anti-business proposals.

“Our goal is clear and our approach is simple,” Donohue said. “To protect the gains we made in the House and Senate in 2014 by backing candidates who support pro-growth policies and a free enterprise system, and who want to come to Washington to govern and not just shut the place down.”

That last remark is a reference to conservative Republicans who have increasingly fought the Chamber over issues that pit business interests against conservative ideology[…]

Donohue’s employment of Alinskyite tactics and the race card to rationalize his stance is heavily vested in ensuring that our borders remain open to provide an endless supply of illegal aliens for hiring by big businesses that would as a result destroy employment opportunities for Americans.