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screenshot osborn playground


NYPD has taken into custody four of the five gangbangers who brutally raped an 18 year old female in Osborne Playground located in the Brownsville section of, Brooklyn, New York last Thursday.

The rapists now in custody range from the age of 14 to 17 years old. Two of the rapists, age 15 were turned in by their parents are 15 years old. Police are still searching for the fifth suspect.

New York Post

‘…We have been working closely with the NYPD to bring the violent sexual predators who committed this horrific gang rape to justice and will not stop until every one of them is held accountable,’ said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson….

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The thugs who approached the 18 year old and her father as they walked through Osborne Park around 9 p.m. Thursday night put a gun to the father’s head ordering him out of the park after which each of the five men proceeded to brutally rape the young woman.

The father in search of help finally located two officers who returned to the park. Upon their arrival, the rapists fled on foot.

Fortunately, police was able to secure surveillance video footage of the rapists in a bodega moments before the rape.


Of course, the same politicians who for years accused NYPD of police brutality and walk hand in hand with the likes of Black Lives Matter while ignoring Black on Black crime held the usual press conference dog and pony show[i] outside Osborne Park to deny the arrest of the rapists and lambast NYPD for their alleged slow response.

NYPD refuting the allegations issued the following press statement.

“There was no delay in responding to the rape in the 73 Precinct.

A patrol car from the 73 Precinct was approached on the street and told about the attack by the victim’s father, who directed the officers to the scene. The police officers immediately responded and located the victim. The suspects had already fled. The police officers called for a supervisor and an ambulance, which responded and transported the victim to the hospital. There was no delay in the police response. There were no 911 calls associated with the attack, contrary to media reports.

There was no probative video in the immediate area of the attack. However, detectives in conducting an expanded canvas were able to find video in a bodega, after an extensive search around 2 p.m. on Saturday, January 9. After review, retrieval and copying, the video was distributed to the media around 8 p.m. on Saturday to help identity the five males. The commanding officer of the precinct began contacting local community leaders preliminarily on Friday, January 8.
The department is still looking to identify the men in question in the video. Anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to contact the department immediately.”

Stephen P. Davis
Deputy Commissioner Public Information

New York City Police Department


As noted in 73rd Precinct’s statement above, not one 911 call was placed. What the hell is wrong with the people who live in this neighborhood? You cannot tell me that at least a dozen people heard this woman or her father screaming for help.

Having lived in the hood and having played handball in Osborne Playground many times after dark as a teenager when we visited my cousin’s house, I can attest to the fact that there is a residential area on two sides of this playground.

As a matter of fact, we used to climb out of her rear window and walk about 20 feet to the playground.

Osborn Park Crime Scene nightview daylight view with residences CROPPED


Outrageous but wait, it gets worse. A bodega store clerk denied the victim’s father access to the store phone because he did not believe the man.


A bodega clerk on Sunday said he turned away the victim’s father when the man asked to use the store’s phone to call 911 moments after he and his daughter were set upon in the Osborn Playground in Brownsville.

The Gaston deli staffer, who gave his name as Sammy, said he didn’t believe the man’s story.

‘He looked normal. He didn’t look nervous or desperate,’ the clerk recalled.

‘A lot of people come here asking to use the phone. I feel bad now knowing why he needed the phone…’


This crime hits close to home.

As a child, I lived next to an empty lot on the borderline of Brownsville and Crown Heights. Back then the only telephones in my neighborhood was in the candy store on the corner, which meant that once that store closed at six p.m., telephone communication was non-existent.

I was 11 years old when it started and for the next three years, three days a week, every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night, we heard the screams of women (sometimes 2 in a night) being raped.

Horrifying for me at such a young age unable to help and no phone to contact the police. Horrifying for the victims who soon realized that no one was coming to their rescue.

It was a poor neighborhood and the men in many of the families were away at war leaving the mothers to protect and care for their children.

The victims were nurses who worked at the hospital down the street. Easy pickings for this scumbag who everyone knew lived two blocks away because of their work hours. Of course, this tells me that the police knew but chose to do nothing.

The problem was eliminated only after the men on the block returned home from Viet Nam to their families.

To know that 46 years later with all of the phones and cell phones floating around Brownsville that no one placed a call to 73rd Precinct or 911 is appalling.


Moving on….

While I personally prefer policing on foot and two officers in a cruiser, instead of helicopters flying overhead as adopted under the Giuliani era, not one of the Communist bureaucrats responsible for returning the City to the Dinkins era will own up to each of their roles in the no longer visible police presence, whether it’s on foot, in a police cruiser or helicopter.

The overwhelming lack of visibility of a police presence is a consequence of the war on police as orchestrated by the grievance industry including the likes of Black Lives Matter, Revcom and the de Blasio administration on the New York Police Department, adding to that de Blasio’s cessation of STOP and FRISK.

Stand up New York and demand the return of Concealed Carry and STOP AND FRISK. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER and AS FOR THE RAPISTS, perp walk the BITCHES and let the world see who they are.

Finally, no protective custody for any of them.



[i] [NOTE: Each time a crime that catches the spotlight is committed; bureaucrats taking advantage of a good crisis come out en masse.

Candles are lit, there’s a neighborhood protest demanding the arrest of the perpetrators and calls for more government funding under the guise of providing a safe place for the children.

The circus always unfolds in the presence of the media, the intent of which is to put bureaucrats and their faux outrage on record. Then once the media disappears, its mission accomplished and elitist Commie bureaucrats return to their hole in the wall comforted with the revelations that they are on record in addition to which there is plenty of footage to use later for campaign ads.

Always omitted from the conversation is that the thugs who commit these acts have no interest in safe places except to scout out a victim.]