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Elitist, Hillary Clinton, admitted and then defended Sunday morning on CBS’ Face the Nation her email communication instructing a State Department staffer to forward communications through an unsecure channel.

During the interview, accused rivals of attempting to score points Clinton claimed that the information was not classified.

The Hill by Jonathan Easley

The State Department released more than 3,000 of Clinton’s emails from her time as secretary of State on Friday. One of the emails has drawn scrutiny because in it, Clinton, who was awaiting a secure fax detailing talking points, instructed an adviser to turn the talking points into “nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure” because the fax wasn’t coming through….

“This is another instance where what is common practice — I need information, I had some points I had to make, and I was waiting for a secure fax that could give me the whole picture, but oftentimes there is a lot of information that isn’t at all classified,” Clinton said Sunday on “Face the Nation.” “So whatever information can be appropriately transmitted unclassified often was. That’s true for every agency in the government and everybody that does business with the government….”




Clinton Email dtd june 17 2011 directing state dept staffer to send documents via unsecure channel PART 1 2 3 attached to make whole file