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screenshot new year's eve germany 002


The Mad Jewess by TMJ and David Ben Moshe

THIS Is What #GunControl Looks Like In #Germany Where Guns Are Not Even Allowed: (This happened NYears Eve in Germany)

We can all see how gun control would look like for us here in the states if Obama the insane has his way. I hope you all love your left-wing Marxist ‘utopia’ in Europe.

Thank you, NO.

“And, this is the bitch that Hillary Clinton wants to emulate: Angela Merkel: “We Must Accept Migrants Are More Criminal” – Used New Year Message for Country to Embrace Millions of “Newcomers” At Geller’s



This should be posted everywhere so that those who pretend that Islam and Muslim are our friends can see that they are not. Savages instilling fear into the hearts of Europeans before they move in for the kill.