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Trump supporters throw out Muslim woman who 'came in peace'


Fifty-six year old, Rose Hamid, and her husband Marty Rosenbluth, Muslims attended a Trump rally last night in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Hamid and her husband wearing yellow Star of David with the word Muslim written on it allege that the intent of their presence at the rally was to show Trump supporters “what Muslims are like.”


Moreover, what about the wearing of the Star of David with the word Muslim written on it. Very offensive but they are Muslims so the media will give them a pass.


Am I the only one who thinks that their actions were bigoted and preplanned/coordinated efforts of which just say for one moment that the news reports are correct, went into play the moment Trump mentioned a temporary ban on Syrian refugees entering the United States.

It was ALLEGEDLY at this point that Harmid and hubby dearest stood silently in protest while Trump spoke and that police asked them to leave the rally. (Some news reports like the author of the following article implied that Trump supporters escorted the couple from the rally, at least in the title of the article, Trump supporters throw out Muslim woman who ‘came in peace’ by Anna Giaritelli

“I figured that most Trump supporters probably never met a Muslim so I figured that I’d give them the opportunity to meet one,” Hamid said, according to a news report.

She and her husband, both wearing gold stars like those worn by Jews during the Holocaust, did not attend the event with intentions of verbally disrupting the rally, but when Trump called for a temporary ban on admitting Syrian refugees, they chose to stand as an act of silent protest….Security immediately retrieved the two who stood along with two others wearing stars and attempted to escort them out, a move many in the packed arena cheered[…]

Somewhat slanted? Timothy P. Carney another journalist for the Washington Examiner in his article entitled, The context of the Muslim woman’s removal from the Trump rally: A different protestor turned violent while Carney does not see get what the brouhaha was about, he out that some in the media omitted a few facts.

…Here are the details I saw:

Trump was talking about how his knowledge of lobbyists and crony capitalism will help make him a great president. As an analogy and an aside (he makes many rambling, tenuously connected asides) he started speaking about how “I know the game,” and “Obama doesn’t understand the game.”

By this point, Rose Hamid and her husband were already standing, as you can see when Trump says “I know the game” in this video. At that point he was talking about corporate lobbyists.

“He doesn’t know radical Islamic terrorism. He doesn’t know. He refuses to say the name. If you don’t say the name, you’re never going to solve the problem…”

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Carney’s article goes on to say that Hamid’s husband resisted and was “dragged out by a handful of police pretty forcefully….” as confirmed by the footage below:



Quite a different tale as is not being told by the media.


“These people. These people.” Listen to her. If a white person used those words, they would be called racist and told that their “white privilege.” Don Lemon would be apoplectic yet a Muslim mutters those words in his presence and media stooge, Lemon gives the Muslim bigot a pass.

Take it from one who lives in a neighborhood where the Muslim population is growing. Fear has nothing to do with the fact that I cannot stand Muslims.

In any event, the mission of the evening by Progressives was accomplished. With the assistance of the mainstream media, who just happened to be there at the ready, Hamid and her husband will play the victim card with Muslims from CAIR down coming to the aid of the aggrieved couple.

Speaking of which, as reported by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of RightWing News, Hamid, is a writer for the Charlotte Observer, co-founder and president of Muslim Women of the Carolinas and agent provacateur for Bernie Sanders.