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Received the following email a few moments ago from Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers and thought I’d pass it on.




Harney County Committee of Safety’s Letter Asks Ammon Bundy to Leave Refuge

by Stewart Rhodes
Committee to Ammon Bundy: “We ask that you organize your people, explain that your point has been made, and leave in a peaceful, honorable fashion.”

During last night’s January 8, 2016 meeting of the Harney County Committee of Safety, in Burns, OR, Committee member Melodi Molt read aloud the Committee’s unanimous letter to Ammon Bundy, thanking him for bringing attention to the Hammond case and other important issues, and for stirring them to action, but also criticizing him for occupying the wildlife refuge without their knowledge “or any other local approval” in a way that hurt the Committee’s credibility in the community.

The letter ends by directly asking Ammon Bundy to end his occupation of the wildlife refuge and to leave peaceably. (the full transcript of the letter is posted below the video). This is the same Committee that Ammon helped to create on December 15, 2015 and assured them that they, the people of Harney County, would be in charge:

Introduction to Letter, by Committee Member Melodi Molt:

We’ve only been on this committee a couple weeks, and two weeks ago, I didn’t know what a committee of safety was. So I looked up the definition and I ‘m going to read it to you before I read this letter from the Committee of Safety:

‘The first committee of safety was formed prior to the Revolutionary War to fight the tyranny and oppression of a corrupt government and its officials, and to protect the safety, health, and welfare of the local citizens.’

So, that’s the definition of a committee of safety and it’s three or four hundred years old.

Full Text of the Harney County Committee of Safety Letter to Ammon Bundy:
The Harney County Committee of Safety, as it was originally named, delivers this letter to you, the voice of those occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters.
We thank you for shining light on the Hammond case here in Harney County. Your actions have created a national focus on the Hammonds and other issues here and across the West that have created mutual distrust, anger and unrest between the people of the land and the Federal government. We thank you for stirring us to action which we hope will peaceably lead to justice for the Hammonds and ultimately a better Harney County, a better state, and a better nation.
We were very upset that you chose to take the aggressive action of occupying the refuge, and did it without our knowledge, or any other local approval, and in a fashion that created huge distrust and loss of credibility of, and for, us as a group of residents within the community. We approved of most of your message but disapprove of your unilateral methods of occupation.
With that being said, we feel that any good which may come out of this event has reached its full potential. We ask that you organize your people, explain that your point has been made, and leave in a peaceful, honorable fashion. This will allow us in Harney County to carry on with the business of improving the lives and opportunities that our beautifully blessed country offers through its bounty and natural resources. Peace be with you.

*Note: While the Committee was unanimous on the contents of the letter, and read it aloud to the people of Harney County last night, the Committee is still undecided (reportedly deadlocked 3 to 3) on when to actually deliver the letter to Ammon. Regardless, it expressed their unanimous sentiment that he should end his occupation of the refuge. (Thanks JKS)