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As usual, everything in which Barack Obama involves himself turns to 💩 as is the case of thousands of Cubans hoping to make their way to the United States through Mexico where they can claim refugee status only to find that they have hit a brick wall (well maybe not brick).

cubans trying to make it to the usa via mexican border stranded in costa rica

Source: Daily Mail.

Nicaragua has closed its borders leaving about 8,000 Cuban “refugees” stranded in Costa Rica without a dime. Their dilemma is no doubt the handiwork of Nicaragua’s left-wing president, Daniel Ortega, who happens to be an ally of Castro (💩 💩 💩 ). (Belize has also closed its borders.)

Cubans heading to USA  stranded  in Costa Rica after Nicaragua closes its borders - Collage_Fotor



Thousands of Cubans are caught in a new refugee crisis triggered by President Obama‘s moves towards ending the embargo on the country, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

As many as 8,000 are living in squalor in Costa Rica where their attempts to reach the United States have stalled, with the central American country facing a growing humanitarian crisis over their presence.

The Cubans are trying to get to the US land border with Mexico, where they will be able to claim refugee status in America, and a rapid path to citizenship.

Thousands have fled the Communist country since Obama and Raul Castro last year ended more than 60 years of frozen relations.

They have moved in a panic prompted by fears that the detente would lead to the abolition of automatic refugee status for Cubans who reach the US land border…

The unforeseen consequence of a move to normalize relations has created a growing crisis in Central America.

In total 8,000 people are stranded in Costa Rica, which has become the final stop in a journey which for most began with flights to Ecuador, followed by long road trips through Colombia and Panama[…]


Two days ago, the Costa Rican government announced plans to conduct a test flight next week in which a group of stranded Cubans excluding family units and children will be flown from Costa Rica to El Salvador.

Upon arrival in El Salvador, the Cubans would then be bussed through Guatemala to Mexico and once in Mexico, the Cubans are on their own to make their way to the Rio Grande where coyotes, drug and human traffickers will be eagerly awaiting their prey. [The latter part, my emphasis.]

First Group of U.S.-Bound Cubans Will Leave Costa Rica January 12

Originally, the government had announced that families would be given priority. However, citing security concerns, the first group, totaling 180 people, will not include children or family units. During Wednesday’s press conference, Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez stressed that the first transfer is a “test flight” and would not guarantee any additional flights until regional leaders meet to assess its success sometime before January 18.

The first group Cubans will be chosen using the following guidelines: the person may actually be located (any have left the shelters); date of arrival, according to the issue date their immigration visa; and ability to pay the cost of the transfer. For individuals of the ages 13 and above, staying in the shelters near the Costa Rican town of Liberia, the transfer cost is $555. This will cover transportation to the airport; a chartered flight with Avianca airlines to El Salvador; exit taxes for Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala; non-stop bus transportation, with meals, through Guatemala and into Mexico; and health insurance. For those traveling from the southern region of the country, the cost will be $570. Children between the ages of two and 12 will have to pay $350.

In response to questions regarding plans for Cuban migrants who cannot pay the transfer costs, Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez said the current plan is in place because the Cuban migrants repeatedly said they could pay. Thus, if this first flight is successful and the plan is extended beyond the initial 180 migrants, another exit plan will have to be put in place for those who cannot pay….

Once in Mexico the Cuban migrants will be granted a 20-day temporary transit visa at no cost. But once they are in Mexico they will have to get to the U.S. border on their own, said IOM’s Costa Rica director, Roland de Wilde. He added that, “It’s important to remember that these migrants left their country voluntarily…In Mexico they will surely find the transportation options that they want. I understand there are many options in Mexico….” (Source: Center for Immigration Studies)

As I said above, eagerly awaiting the Cubans will be coyotes, drug and human traffickers like vultures ready to pounce.

Who to Blame?

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.Refugees accuse the White House of ‘insensitively’ offering olive branch to Havana without giving clear indications of what future immigration policy will be towards Cubans.

‘Obama should say categorically what will happen to Cubans. Will we still be welcomed in the United States…who knows?’ said college lecturer Mirtha Vega, who is among the refugees.

‘People got scared and left Cuba as soon as they could and there has been so much panic.

‘America wanted us before and now we simply do not know and that is why this crisis has developed.

‘Obama shook hands with Castro and everybody got scared. There are many people back home who are preparing to leave now for the US if they can manage it….’