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screenshot counter protest trump towers CROPPED


Received the following email from Progress Rose late Wednesday.

Hi NY ICers,
Thank You to Jim M. for this Intel.
I know it’s short notice, but some of You may still be able to make this counter demonstration. The opposition wants to “stop deportations” and “raids” and has posted on Facebook about it.
Furthermore, I must tell You that the other side somehow is getting a hold of my Eblasts to my NY ICE Elist. I am not sure how it happened, though I have to assume, unfortunately, that there is an infiltrator on my Elist, or a sympathizer who is getting my emails to the other side. I know this because I saw, verbatim, one of my emails on an opposition’s website. I have 1000’s of people on my Elist, so this was bound to happen. It did take longer than I thought, and I am going through each name, but am welcome to any ideas You may have to be more efficient in excising this individual.
Below is the Details for the Counter Demonstration:
WHAT: NY ICE Counter Demonstration
WHEN: TOMORROW, January 8th, at 12 NOON
WHERE: 201 Varick Street in Manhattan. The #1 Subway to Houston Street places You very nearby.
BRING: Cameras! Prepared sound bites for the Press. And, big, bold signs. I like “Illegal is NOT a Race” for signage.
NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement)