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Lockheed Martin Hellfire missile (wikimedia commons)

Lockheed Martin Hellfire missile (wikimedia commons)


Reminiscent of Iran getting its hands on one of our drones a few years back, how on earth does Lockheed Martin ship a dummy missile to Spain for a training session after which it is loaded on an Air France flight destination Orlando, Florida but ends up instead in Havana, Cuba?

Daily Mail

US defence officials are investigating how a Hellfire missile sent to Europe in 2014 for a training mission in Spain ended up in Cuba. The high-tech laser-guided air-to-ground missile is one of the main armaments used by the US military in its air campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The weapon can be fitted to helicopters, aircraft and unmanned drones and is used to destroy ground based targets.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting ‘people familiar with the matter’, claimed that one of the missiles had been shipped in the wrong container and instead of being returned to Florida, it went to Cuba[…]


Coincidence? Just one of things that happen every now and then? Not buying it especially since both incidents, the 2011 drone incident and now this occurs under the same administration, an administration run by a lawless brigade of thugs who covets Islamic terrorists AND Communists alike.