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Fox News by

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s unorthodox use of a private email account and personal server for government business exploited a loophole in the State Department’s FOIA, or Freedom of Information Act, process, according to the findings of the first Inspector General report to stem from her email scandal.

Congress asked the Office of Inspector General, the State Department’s independent watchdog, to investigate the issue following the revelation that Mrs. Clinton did not use a government email account while secretary of state.

Fox News reviewed the 25-page report and its findings before they were made publicly available.

The report reads in part:

‘FOIA neither authorizes nor requires agencies to search for Federal records in personal email accounts maintained on private servers or through commercial providers (for example Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.) Furthermore, the FOIA Analyst has no way to independently locate Federal records from such accounts unless employees take steps to preserve official emails in Department record keeping systems.’

The report strongly suggests that it relies on employees at all levels to follow the regulations, and when personal email is used, to forward copies to a State Department account so that it can be captured….

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Rules to which Hillary Clinton along with her minions in the State Department felt she was the exception, which explains failure or refusal to respond in a timely fashion, to FOIA requests.

They knew. They ALL knew and were party to the lack of transparency/cover up.

Washington Times by Stephen Dinan

The top leadership of the State Department regularly botched open-records requests such as those for former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails, the department’s inspector general said in a report released Thursday that portrayed a staff who gave short shrift to its legal obligation to be transparent.

Department leaders ignored one request for Mrs. Clinton’s schedules “for several years,” and in another instance insisted it couldn’t find any records relating to Mrs. Clinton’s other emails — even though at the time, “dozens of senior officials” were aware of her unique email arrangement….

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The bottom of page 9 – 10 (below) reports the lack of effort on the State Department part under various Secretaries of State to meet FOIA deadlines with Clinton’s State Department proving to be the most derelict in their duties.


BEFUNKY IGStateDepartmentReportbottomofPage9handlingofFOIA


BEFUNKY IGStateDepartmentReporttopofPage10handlingofFOIA


The IG’S report entitled, “Evaluation of the Department of State’s FOIA Process for Requests Involving the Office of the Secretary” is available for viewing in its entirety here in pdf format.

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