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Below is an alert emailed to me from a fellow blogger with a link to an alert from the Oath Keepers updating us on the situation in Oregon, as not reported by the mainstream media. H/t Andrea.

[Following the alert, are posts and opinions some understandably more passionate than others when one takes into account the events unfurling in Oregon.]

URGENT Warning on OR Standoff: Military Special OP Assets Have Been Assigned for Standoff. Get All Children Out of There Immediately – Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers

screenshot oath keepers oregonOath Keepers has received very credible information from an active duty source within the special operations community that at least one SOD-X (Reserve/National Guard Special Operations Detachment, see this, this, and this) unit under the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been tasked for this standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and moved to the area. Given this, we should expect that other special operations assets, such as Delta Force, will also be involved if the Obama Administration decides to give the green light on a military strike. And we should expect the presence of the infamous FBI HRT (which were present at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

Due to this, anyone who has children there, at the wildlife refuge, needs to get them out immediately, and DO NOT take any more children there for any reason (and we do know that some children, including a baby, have been seen there). We do not need to have the risk of dead children in this incident. It is unconscionable and immoral for anyone to place children at risk of being in the middle of a firefight or military strike on the armed men holding that federal wildlife refuge. We DO NOT trust the Obama Administration to do this right, which would be to handle it like the Montana freeman standoff rather than the Waco standoff, and anyone who thinks that Obama won’t drop the hammer on Ammon and his men is a fool. We hope “the adults in the room” in the Administration and in the federal LEO and military community will keep that from happening, but hope is not an operational plan.

Get, and keep, children off the friggin X. This is not a “free speech” barbecue at Bundy Ranch with live music. This is a whole different animal. Children have no business there. In fact, there should be no non-combatants (no women and children) there at all. This is not a family event.

Oath Keepers

Short Oath Keepers Statement on this Standoff

I will post a longer statement later, but for now, here is a brief statement on this situation, in general:

Oath Keepers adamantly opposes the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. This is not in keeping with the moral imperative of only using force in defense when people’s lives are at stake, as at Bundy Ranch in 2014. In this case, neither the Hammonds nor their neighbors were in imminent threat of being murdered, and neither the Hammonds nor their neighbors asked for any form of armed standoff. In fact, they oppose it. This is being done by outsiders who mislead and deceived locals, deceived the Hammonds, and deceived the patriot movement by luring them in with a peaceful rally and then attempting to rope them into a premeditated, manufactured armed standoff […]

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Just like Bundy Ranch, the Hammonds’ Ranch is Valuable to the BLM – Here’s just how Valuable – The Sons of Liberty by Tim Brown

During the Bundy Ranch Siege of 2014, it was discovered the various connections of the Bureau of Land Management to Agenda 21. It was also uncovered that US Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) was also connected in that siege to a Chinese energy deal. In the process, Reid called patriots who stood against federal overreach “domestic terrorists” and added that if those people were patriots, “we’re in big trouble.” Indeed, Reid and company are in big trouble because with independent media surpassing even the media outlets that are supposed to be alternative and against the mainstream, they are being exposed for the corrupt, hypocritical lawless thugs they are. This is now the case concerning the Hammond’s ranch in Oregon, which sits on precious metals, minerals, uranium and other deposits that the criminal BLM desperately wants[…]



Bundy Militia Barricades Oregon Federal Building As Potential FBI Raid LoomsInfowars by Mikael Thalen & Joe Biggs

Bundy Militia Barricades Oregon Federal Building As Potential FBI Raid Looms

A suspected FBI raid on the Malheur Wildlife Reserve building in Oregon has armed protesters preparing for a potential standoff.

According to Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, who is currently on the ground at the occupation’s epicenter, several sources speaking with Ammon Bundy have stated that the FBI are preparing to descend on the remote location.

“Ammon Bundy says that they do have credible intel from three different sources that they believe that the FBI will be coming down on them,” Biggs said.

A federal source speaking with the Guardian early Tuesday said that the government’s first plan of action would be an attempt to flush out the group by shutting off the building’s power, forcing protesters to face eastern Oregon’s freezing temperatures[…]


The Hammond Ranch Affair Will Become Waco II Nevada State Personnel Watch

hammond familyThe coming showdown between 150+ Patriots who have gathered near Burns, Oregon is grossly misunderstood by the general public. The following paragraphs shed light on both the history of the present conflict between the Hammonds and the federal government as well as the current status of the situation. It is the express hope of The Common Sense Show, that calmer heads prevail and the present crisis does not end in the loss of life….

This Could End Very Badly

The initial assault upon the Branch Davidian compound as carried out by the ATF in which federal officials were fired upon.

I am making a comparison between what happened at Waco, over 20 years ago, and what is likely to happen in Oregon. What happened in Waco?

In February of 1993, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the Branch Davidian cult compound in Waco, Texas, prompting a gun battle in which four agents and six cult members are killed. The federal agents were attempting to arrest the leader of the Branch Davidians, David Koresh, on information that the religious sect was stockpiling weapons. A nearly two-month standoff ensued after the unsuccessful raid[…]


Militia in Oregon Will Come Face-to-Face With DOJ’s New Politicized Domestic Terrorism CounselIndependent Sentinel by S. Noble

Update: The Feds have arrived in the area to “take control of the situation”. How reassuring. The Sheriff said that there are 20 men in the building and they are trying to resolve the situation peacefully. They say the men have come to spark a movement across the country.

We don’t need a revolution now. We are defeating the left and we can win the next election. I hope these men stand down after they get a lawyer to intervene.

The people in the community don’t want the militia there and signs are popping up everywhere that say, “Go Home Bundys.”

The militia, who are now hold up in a small government refuge center in Oregon, are fighting for two Oregon ranchers who have rejected their help, and they will soon be confronted with the full force of the Obama Propaganda machine.

The militia are being led by three of the sons of Cliven Bundy who engaged in a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management last year.

This time, the government won’t pull back as they did in the Bundy-BLM fight because a 2016 election is the prize and, frightening the American people – turning them against conservatives and Republicans – provides a potential path to the prize. There are no cattle being abused as there were the last time to provide good press for these men. The press against these brave men has already turned vicious.

They are only squatters in a building unlike the Black Lives Matter terrorists who burned down city blocks but Obama will go after them s if they were terrorists[…]


Militia vs Oregon – Wild Bill of America (video)

Backtracking for those tuning in late to the situation in Oregon:

America’s Last Cowboys: Hundreds of Armed Militia Seize Federal BuildingIndependent Sentinel by S. Noble

Oregon militia

Update: Reports say only 20 men have taken over the building. The Feds have arrived “to take control of the situation” – how reassuring. The Sheriff said that the men came to spark a movement across the country and he asked that people stay away so they can resolve the situation peacefully.

After a protest, a reportedly heavily armed militia took over a federal building in Oregon last night to prevent the arrest of a father and son who have already served a sentence for illegal and possibly accidental burns of federal property. Three of the 150 militia members are sons of famous or infamous Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy . Ammon Bundy plans to use the building as a headquarters for the militia – indefinitely.

Ranchers and farmers are losing their lands and their livelihoods to the government and to frogs and prairie chickens[…]



You Will Be Surprised by What a Former FBI Official Has to Say About the Militia in OregonIndependent Sentinel by S. Noble


Danny Coulson, former FBI Assistant Director, knows the men in Oregon who are standing up to the government and he describes them as Patriots. This isn’t Ruby Ridge or Waco because these are normal men occupying the refuge center, Coulson said. The militia is comprised mostly of veterans – patriotic, loyal Americans.

Coulson said it’s a trespassing charge, that’s it. They are not criminals. He mentioned the Hammonds’ arson situation but there’s a lot more to that story. Read about it below.

Josh Earnest said today that he doubts Obama will discuss this situation with Loretta Lynch, for whatever that’s worth. One has to wonder if this will end up in terrorism charges or squatting charges[…]


#TedCruz & #Rubio Claim #OregonMilitia Is “Lawless” – LIES! OUR GOVT IS LAWLESS.The Mad Jewess by TMJ and David Ben Moshe

marco rubio ted cruz screenshot collage

Just friggin un-be-lievable. These 2 “Conservatives” claim that the Oregonian Militia is lawless. Meanwhile, both Cruz AND Rubio were OK with sending billions of USD to Nazi’s in Ukraine. Rubio was OK with sending Big USD to the Syrian cannibal rebels who have murdered COUNTLESS Christians and people wonder why the hell I don’t ‘like’ these 2.

I hate politicians guts and so should you.

Nevermind Rubio and the “Gang of 8” traitors for amnesty, I could go on forever: The Ugly Truth About Marco Rubio And His Gang-of-Eight … The fact that Cruz’s wife was with the CFR[…]


12 Things The Media Won’t Tell You About the Militia Occupation in Oregon Newsmax by Mike Garcia

Oregon militia 003An estimated 300 peaceful marchers demonstrated Saturday on behalf of two Oregon ranchers set to report to prison this week and, soon thereafter, a militia group took control of a federal wildlife building.

The occupation was staged without violence, but the militia said it plans to stay at the facility to protest “overreach” by the federal government for years to come.

Gathered below are 12 things the media won’t tell you about the occupation.

1. Two ranchers were convicted of arson — Harney County ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr., 73, and his son, 46-year-old Steven Hammond, are to report to prison on Monday for arson. The pair said they lit fires on lands managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 2001 and 2006 to protect it from invasive plants and wildfires. They were convicted in 2012[…]


#Communist Traitor, White-Hating, BITCH, @sallykohn Calling #OregonMilitia “Terrorists” The Mad Jewess by TMJ and David Ben Moshe


#Communist Traitor, White-Hating, BITCH, @sallykohn Calling #OregonMilitia “Terrorists” The hag also says the protesters are “Anti American”. In this bitches opinion, the “Black Lives Matter” protests which destroyed business and closed Mom and Pop shots down was AOK. I gave this evil slime a piece of my mind….She is calling these people ‘terrorists’ with NO responsibility at all[…]


Militia Occupation in Oregon Part IIUncle Sam’s Misguided Children by Faye Higbee

Militia occupation in Oregon Part II – The reactions

The reactions have begun in response to the militia takeover of a small building in the Malheur Wildlife refuge. Some are hailing it as “about time,” others are wary and divided over the issue, still others are calling the folks involved “terrorists” and demanding action by the Feds. Thus far, this is NOT an armed standoff.

Killing Americans?

Montel Williams tweeted that he was “totally fine” with the Feds using “massive force” to “take out” Ammon Bundy. There have been not just men, but women, and yes there was even a child there at one point. His rant is advocating killing American citizens[…]


Bundy Ticks Off Megyn Kelly By Asking This Question About Oregon Standoff Conservative Read by Chris

On Monday night, Ammon Bundy, the leader of the militiamen in Oregon, came on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show.

The armed protesters, a group calling themselves Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, have now occupied federal property in Oregon–specifically a building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

After welcoming Bundy on the show, Kelly started out by asking: “How is what you are doing not lawlessness?”

Bundy responded by saying that “we have to go to the supreme law of the land to answer that question, and that is, that the federal government does not have authority to come down into the states…



No, The Oregon Ranchers Aren’t TerroristsThe Weekly Standard by Mark Hemingway

I grew up in the next town west of Burns, Oregon, where so-called militia men are occupying a federal building in protest of the federal sentencing of some local ranchers for arson. If you know anything about how sparsely populated Eastern Oregon is, that means Burns is a two hour drive from my hometown. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on and around ranches in that part of the world and know the issues there pretty well.

So I’d like to congratulate Slate‘s Jamelle Bouie for writing the first non-hysterical piece I’ve read about the issue in the mainstream press. Bouie seems to get that such disputes over land in the west tend to be highly localized issues and these tensions arise because the federal government owns the vast majority of the land. Many reporters have tried to shoehorn the story into some weird narrative about race, class, and violence that doesn’t make […]


Militia Fortifies Position After FBI Raid Intel



Liberals Call for Violence to End Oregon Standoff: Send “National Guard with Shoot to Kill Orders”SHTFPlan by Mac Slavo

Can you believe 2016 just started, and already people are calling for a bigger police state where the government can kill citizens without due process, charge or trial?

It seems that many on the Internet want another Waco – a lethal federal government show of force for the Obama age. You know,
to keep the right wingers, pro-gun nuts, anti-government types, patriots and conspiracy theorists at bay.

Agree or disagree with the Oregon militia standoff over federal land issues still underway, people across social media are escalating things sharply.

Numerous voices are calling for a literal bloodbath in Oregon – and the exercise of unilateral government power to kill the individuals involved, including supporters. It is an armed and highly-charged, but so far peaceful situation that is, nonetheless, rooted firmly in civil disobedience and principle. But that hasn’t stopped opponent from calling for them to be treated like domestic terrorists.

Twitter users across the globe and across the political spectrum have been calling for the use of lethal force to end their standoff: