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Yeah, I know. I’ll bet you’re thinking I’m talking about Americans claiming our property rights to America..

The sudden stand-off in Oregon over a ranch-land conviction and jailing, then added incarceration, of an Oregon ranching family head and his son, (by the name of Hammond) has highlighted an issue that has been bubbling under the surface for at least 6o-70 years.

How this standoff will end is anyone’s guess. Having lived out West I’ve had private, professional and official contact with militia members, in both Arizona and Montana. I’ve found them boorish in the way that 20- year old Twitter-bunnies who don’t know enough words to come up with a single, simple thought are boorish. But I refuse to label them, at least as long as those Left-driven Twitter-bunnies are trying to label them as snot-eyed inbreds and religious nut-jobs who deserve to be gunned down like dogs.

It’s hard to give militias a fair public trial, for they are stand-offish with people outside their circle, which, in ranching country like Oregon, are small circles anyway.

But I know a lot more about the forces that stand arrayed against these men in Oregon. And the image of Ruby Ridge or Waco are still fresh for many of us, where, if you will recall, during a mountain stand-off, an FBI sniper (no one even knew they had any at that time) shot an unarmed woman standing on her porch, and in Janet Reno’s (or Webb Hubbell’s, take your pick) finest hour, FBI troops assaulted the Branch Davidian church compound near Waco, TX, recklessly killing 76 people, including 21 children.

Like Little Big Horn, some people insist Waco was a battle, others a massacre. But rather than get into the what-might-be’s of this Oregon standoff, …will the militia boys peacefully surrender and face trial where they can air their case publically (let’s all pray) or another Waco-like assault occurs? Waco dictates we need to into the mindset of trigger-happy feds[…]