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City-Journal by Seth Barron

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a plan to solve the problem of street homelessness in New York City; he wants to put them in Creedmoor, a massive institution for the mentally ill in eastern Queens. During its mid-century heyday, Creedmoor housed 7,000 people in dozens of buildings, many of which are now sitting empty. Cuomo’s proposal was seconded by Queens state senator Leroy Comrie, who said that “the homeless individuals [at Creedmoor] would have an excellent chance of being successful with a complement of services” […]

“the homeless individuals [at Creedmoor] would have an excellent chance of being successful with a complement of services” — Yeah sure. If Leroy Comrie is so sure that Creedmoor is an excellent opportunity for the homeless, I suggest he try it out for a month first without cameras, security and buffer zones to ensure the senator a comfortable and peaceful stay.

Andrew Cuomo is simply recycling another failed Progressive policies of decades ago where the homeless, mentally ill among others were thrown into these institutions drugged, abused, committed abuses, etc.

There are already too many instances in New York City today where a poor person with no family takes ill, possibly undergoing surgery which means which means a lengthy stay and during that individual’s stay, he loses his apartment.

Once that occurs (often), the hospital tells the individual that he cannot be released because said individual does not have a place to live.


I know for a fact that King County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York will not release anyone that cannot provide a forwarding address. Proudly boasting of their men’s ward or housing, male patients become prisoners live-ins adult wards of the state, sometimes for years and often until their death, whichever comes first.


Creedmoor Psychiatric Center Queens Village NYC

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center Queens Village NYC

I suspect that Creedmoor with its past will be much worse.


No one remembers exactly when it began. But the fear, the beatings, the brutality in a special ward of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens did not end until after a mentally ill patient had died while bound in a cloth straitjacket, his throat crushed.

The workers in the so-called secure unit found themselves locked day after day in a hospital ward that came to resemble a penitentiary – but one without bars to separate the staff from men they called inmates.

Nurses and orderlies say they were abandoned by their superiors and forced to make decisions that, under the law, could be made only by doctors. Regulations about medication were ignored, workers say, as were their complaints about dangerous understaffing in a ward that housed the most violent, most severely ill patients at Creedmoor, a huge state facility in Queens Village.

Last month, after several reports of widespread brutality against patients, the secure unit was shut down. The remaining patients have been transferred to other wards while city, state and Federal investigators try to figure out what went wrong there, and why. The investigations began shortly after the death of the 39-year-old patient last March.

Climate of Violence…

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Cuomo, de Blasio and company are counting on the ignorance and short memories of New Yorkers.