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If we were inclined to give out such an award, Pagedale, Missouri, would be a leading contender for Nanny State of the Year.

In this suburb of St. Louis, residents have been ticketed and fined by the town’s police force for violations that don’t even begin to make rational sense.

Nanny State of the Week: City fines residents for chipped paint, mismatched curtains

FINED: Valerie Whitner has been fined for having chipped paint on the outside of her home and for not having a screen door attached to her back door, among other things. She owes the city more than $2,400. Photo courtesy Institute for Justice

One resident, Valerie Whitner, has been fined for having chipped paint on the outside of her home and for not attaching a screen door to her back door. She’s been told by city officials she must replace her rain gutters, her siding and put up storm windows. They also told her to mend her fence, cut her lawn and seal up cracks in her home’s foundation.

Whitner’s plight — she owes the city more than $2,400 in violations — made it into the New York Times in November and now she’s one of a handful of city residents who are part of a lawsuit that challenges the nannies in Pagedale.

Every morning I wake up worried that I’ll get another ticket,” Whitner said in a statement provided by the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm helping with the lawsuit.

Another plaintiff in the class action suit is Mildred Bryant, an 84-year-old grandmother who has received citations from the city for having mismatched curtains and failing to have blinds in every window. She’s been told to repaint her porch too, according to the lawsuit filed last month.

All towns have some silly rules on the books, but Pagedale sets the bar at a new level. It’s against the law for residents to have a basketball hoop, plastic pool or doghouse in their front yards. Satellite dishes are illegal. So are barbeque grills (though the town does graciously make an exception to that ban on “national holidays”)[…]



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