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The Detroit man whose determination to walk more than 20 miles a day to get to and from work inspired an online campaign that raised more than $350,000 for him abruptly moved on Tuesday after telling police that he did not feel safe with his newfound fortune.

According to the Detroit Free Press — whose profile of 56-year-old James Robertson led to the outpouring of donations and gifts, including a new car — the factory worker was moved to a temporary home after consulting with local law enforcement officials.

“We had a meeting with him [and] he expressed interest that he did not feel safe,” Detroit Police Capt. Aric Tosqui told the newspaper. “People were actually asking him for money” […]


While Robertson has yet to receive any of the funds and is presently meeting with financial advisors, he has reason to be concerned.

Last December, Arthur Neal, an 86-year-old Detroit lottery winner was found stabbed to death. Neal who had won $20,000 on December 19, 2014 disappeared the following day.

Quanzell Hood, the scumbag thug on trial for killing the senior citizen was supposedly ordered by Dajuan Anderson to steal the money threw Neal down a flight of stairs, stabbed him repeatedly and left his body in the basement of an abandoned house where Neal was found several weeks later.

With all of the scumbag thugs, entitlement minded neighbors (family too) and a society brainwashed to covet what others have as if it’s their right, Robertson is right to flee.

Trust no one (not even the investors).

Leave no forwarding address.