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Senators Jeff Session and Mike Lee vouched for 2016 Republican Party presidential primary candidate, Senator Ted Cruz regarding where Cruz stood during the Gang of Eight immigration bill saga which doesn’t look so well for Marco Rubio caught in the act of engaging in revisionist history, correction: misrepresenting the facts or for lack of a better word, lying.

Published on Dec 17, 2015 by Steve Robinson

The senior Senator from Alabama clears the air after Rubio and Cruz’s immigration records come up in 5th GOP debate.


Senator Mike Lee also vouched for Ted Cruz.

H/t The Right Scoop

As reported by Breitbart News last week, Senators Sessions and Cruz introduce the American Jobs First Act of 2015.

The legislation is an attempt to reform the H-1b visa program, which has been abused by large companies such as Walt Disney who earlier this year pink slipped more than two hundred employees but forced them to train their foreign replacements before leaving.

Breitbart News

First, it requires companies that use H-1B workers to pay such visa holders “either what an American worker who did identical or similar work made two years prior to the recruiting effort, or $110,000,” whichever is higher. What that does is it takes the incentive to pay foreigners less than Americans away from corporations, thereby ending the ability for the program to be abused in that regard.

Second, the bill requires that within 730 days—two years—of “an employee strike, an employer lockout, layoffs, furloughs, or other types of involuntary employee terminations other than for-cause dismissals,” a company cannot bring aboard any H-1B labor. That means it wouldn’t be able to replace Americans with foreigners….

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