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Maggie’s Notebook by Maggie

Kelli Ann Burriesci, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security arrived on Capitol Hill to testify in the U.S. House of Representatives on the Visa Waiver Program, and had no statistics on 1) “how many Syrian refugees entered the US in the last year,” or 2) “how many Americans have traveled to Syria in the last year,” and there’s more. Keep in mind, Burriesci is not a newbie. She’s been in the same position since 2007. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) said his questions were to provide this information to the “American people.” He asked specific questions. She had She answered, “Sir I didn’t bring any of my refugee numbers with me.” And then she polished it off with:

Kelli Ann Burriesci

Burriesci: Sir I didn’t bring any of my . . .the refugee numbers with me. I was prepared to talk about Visa Waiver . . . Kelli Ann Burriesci

Jordan: So you don’t know how many people have traveled and returned?

Burriesci: I don’t have that number on me.

Jordan: Ms. Burriesci, when I look at the witness list, you’ve got the longest title. “Deputy Assistant Secretary Screening Office of Policy Department of Homeland Security.” You’ve got the longest title and it says Screening Coordination. What screening are you coordinating? Is that just intra-agency or is that inter-agency?

Burriesci: It’s both […]