Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

A shill for the radical left, Linda Sarsour, who is also a radical racial and social justice advocate, was on the Melissa Harris-Perry show this week to inform the audience that she is afraid to walk down the streets of New York City because of the way she looks, meaning her ethnic dress. As she said, “we can’t assimilate.”

“I fear for my life walking in the streets” of NYC, she said, lying.

As a New Yorker, I can tell you that is absolutely ridiculous. There is no danger for her in New York City. She has completely made it up. The entire Islamophobia phenom appears to be invented. The statistics don’t support their claims.

I am sooo sick of this propaganda from the left[…]

Sarsour who as pointed out by Front Page Magazine is yet another radical Islamist who has been to the White House on numerous occasion.

A particular favorite of the Obamas, Sarsour who once tweeted, “’nothing is creepier’ than the belief in a Jewish homeland,” has the Muslim-in-Chief’s ear and “serves the Obama administration’s purpose of whitewashing radical Islam.” Taqqiya is her specialty.