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screenshot jewish for peace anti-jew rally


Front Page Magazine by Daniel Greenfield

Despite its name, Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish nor Peaceful. It’s a radical anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate group, some of whose members may be Jewish, but whose agenda is focused on destroying the Jewish State. It promotes BDS, protests and disrupts Jewish events and generally acts like the hate group that it is.

‘In October 2015, referred to a series of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces as “Palestinian popular resistance,” and posted a statement on its Facebook page that praises “a new generation of Palestinians…rising up en-masse against Israel’s brutal, decades-old regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid.”

In 2008 JVP helped the Carter Center gather signatures to support former President Jimmy Carter’s controversial meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al.

So JVP is bad. Really, really bad.

But the media fell for its latest nasty gimmick which involved holding protests against “Islamophobia” around Chanukah menorahs that were publicly lit and displayed by the Chabad religious Jewish group….

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Utter lunacy, Muslims parading around as Jews. Members of the Jewish community shooting themselves in the foot and Black Lives Matter on hand to push the meme. The social justice narrative and collusion by the media is a dead giveaway.